Aerosente Developments

Hi guys,

I'd like to update you on several new developments at Aerosente.

1. Shop Update. We've got the new shop and inventory pretty well dialed in. We were inundated with orders late this spring which had us scrambling as we were still moving into the new shop and balancing our inventory needs. We're at a point now where we are offering a 10 day shipping guarantee on our kits.

2. Shipping Guarantee. We are now offering a 10 day shipping guarantee on our kits. The guarantee works like this - if we don't ship your kit within 10 days of receiving your order we will refund 10% of the kit cost or give you 20% off of your next kit purchase. Check our store for details:

3. Monthly Newsletter. We're launching a new free monthly newsletter starting October 1. The newsletter is 24 - 48 pages of news, interviews, articles, builds, plans, prints, pin-ups and a special monthly deal for newsletter subscribers. I've pasted below a rough mock-up of the upcoming October 1 newsletter so you can see what to expect. Click the link to preview and subscribe to the newsletter.

4. New Kits. We have 5 new kits we're launching between now and November 1, 2011. They are the LT-IV in 1:3 and 1:6 scale, 1:3 scale Pawnee Brave, 1/32 scale "Chuck Schweizers" plus two new German imports from Tom Bode the 1.2.5 KA2B and 1:3 scale KA6E. Shipping dates will be announced in the October newsletter.

Thanks guys for your business! We do appreciate it!

Mike & Tom
Aerosente Glider Workshop


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