Motor timing


Which is the rule or formula to set up correctly the motor timing when you've no producer advices ?

Timing must be set to get more power at a certain rpm range, to optimize efficiency. In theory when you change propeller you need also to change timing ( i.e. from a 16 x 9 to a 18 x11 as an example : rpm increase or decrease and so power must be performed to low or high rpm. correct?)

Now, if I have a 8 poles our a 2 poles motor for example and no "Auto" setting on my ESC; or what about to push power instead of rpm?

is Auto setting always a good choice ?


Effiency and Power are contrasts!

If you want max power you need a hot timing but you reduce effiency and the same in the other way.

Auto timing may be the best. Or you use try and error.

There are timings some motors do not run very well.
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