Need Advice on Building a High-Performance RC Glider


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Hello there,

I am currently working on a project to build a high-performance RC glider and would greatly appreciate your advice and expertise. I have some experience with RC planes and gliders, but I'm looking to take this project to the next level in terms of performance and build quality.

I am looking for recommendations on a sleek and efficient glider design that can provide both stability and agility in flight. Are there any specific airfoil profiles or wing configurations that you would recommend for high-performance gliders?

What are the best materials for constructing a lightweight yet durable glider? I'm considering using carbon fiber for the wings and fuselage, but I'm open to other suggestions that can help reduce weight without compromising strength.

I am interested in using a programmable flight controller for precise control and stability. Do you have any recommendations for a reliable and feature-rich flight controller that would be suitable for a high-performance glider?

Also, I have gone through this: which definitely helped me out a lot.

While I initially plan to launch the glider using a bungee or winch, I'm also considering adding a motor for powered flight. What are some efficient motor and propeller combinations that would provide sufficient thrust without adding too much weight?

Lastly, I am interested in any tips or tricks for optimizing the flight dynamics of the glider, such as center of gravity adjustments or control surface tuning, to achieve the best possible performance.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions on how to make this project a success.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.
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guess you need to give a few more parameters for the project.

High performance can be acheived in the different F3x classes - where the different sporting codes and flight tasks require specific optimisation of the aircraft.

If it is just leisure gliding, then you should also have an idea, what size you prefer and in which landscape your airfiled is placed. Lowest sink rate or maximum speed give completely different concepts.

Concerning flight controller: yes, they exist, but they are not optimised to get the maximum out of the different weather conditions (wind and thermals are the "engine" of a glider). If a gyro system eliminates the lift of a wing tip, you will probably not detect the presence of a thermal updraft.

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