Neuer Mini 3D Heli


Hallo Heli-flieger, mein Kumpel in China bringt einen neuen 3D Heli auf den Markt.
Da ich keine Ahnung von Helis habe weiß ich nicht ob das Teil was taugt.
Er sucht auch Testpiloten in Deutschland, die den Heli bestimmt für wenig Geld bekommen können.
Wenn jemand mehr Infos will einfach eine E-Mail an:

Gruß André

Hier die Beschreibung in Englisch:

One of the most stable and lightest micro 3D helicopter in the world.
Overall length-503mm
Main rotor blades diameter-432mm
Tail rotor blades diameter-100mm
Flying weight-230g

Since the Firefox100 is released to the market in 2007, it has received good comments and high praises from our customers worldwide. Today, to meet high expectation from our customers, we have launched the new micro helicopter Firefox200.

Firefox200 is a new member of the micro RC helicopters from ELE RC. It is 85% factory assembled. And it is a stunner for agile 3D flying performance, as the ball bearing is pre-installed on the key components even for the stock package. Beside that, the Firefox200 is integrated with belt driven system, Sheila. Bill Main Rotor Yoke and CCPM control system, which is exactly the same as the ordinary full-size RC helicopter. The optional ELE custom designed brushless motor supports 10-13 minutes flying time with 7.4v, 800-1000mAh lithium-polymer battery pack.

Other than that, the most noticeable characteristic of Firefox200 is stable, great 3D capability, and of course ultra lightweight. The forward straight fly is reasonable steady due to the carefully designedtial pitch control system, which is the same as the ordinary nitro helicopter. It is one of the lightest high performance aerobatic 3D helicopters in the industry that originally designed as belt driven tail rotor. It is very suitable for those electric helicopter beginners who willing to step into acrobatic 3D flying, as it is not that easy to be seriously damaged during crash due to its light weight. Therefore, the repair cost is relatively low comparing to 500 class electric heli and bigger. The battery requirement can be lowered due to the low power consumption, so that the low cost small capacity battery pack can be applied.

Although Firefox200 is light, delicate and exquisite, it is not a toy. On the contrary, it is a precise RC helicopter that comparable with ordinary full-sized RC helicopters! This product is not only able to meet the needs for beginners who just start this hobby, but also good for 3D acrobatic flying for intermediate pilots to have a try.

New features of the Firefox200
[1] New designed plastic frame: the motor installation position is flexible enough to be in the front or rear, and the frame structure is greatly reinforced.
[2] The feathering shaft design is included in the main blade grip and headlock assambly
[3] The dual-bearings swashplate assembly
[4] The belt guide pulley is widened
[5] The more suitable servo fixing position

Hier ein paar Bilder:
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Oli K.


mein Kumpel in China bringt einen neuen 3D Heli auf den Markt

Na ja, ist nix anderes als ein Klon des Gaui EP-200, den gibt es schon ne ganze Weile! Die waren nicht mal kreativ genug, sich einen anderen Namen auszudenken. ;)

Gruß Oli
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