Velox Revolution Orion Models 2,2m elektrisch

Hallo Leute!

I've recently bought one of thease - - Velox 2,2m. The spec is as follows:
Technical parameters:

wingspan: 2200 mm | 86 "
length: 2065 mm | 81 "
wing area: 84 dm2| 9 sq ft
wing load: 71 g / dm2| 23.5 oz / sq ft
weight (*): 6000 g | 13.2 lb

I want to go with electric motor, firstly I was thinking about Hacker A60-18L on 12s , but after doing some calculations in motor-calc I looked at A60-18M on 10s setup. After seeing the new video of Gernot who is flying SebArt Katana on just 6s I started thinking about 8s setup. :>
As you can see my airframe is quite light, with DA50 it comes at around 13,5 lb and empty weight is 6.2-6.4 lb.

I have already bought some servos, 8611 and 8711 for rudder. Want to go with CC 85/110 HV.

What dou you guys think about 8s setup? I want this model to a light floater with some serious 3d action possibilities. I don't need another totally overpowered and heavy plane.Just some reasonable power in extra light frame.
I was thinking about A60-16M on FP evo-lite packs. As my e-calc states with 24x12 it would give me more then 10kg of thrust and aprx. 7min of flying time. with 2200 watts and power system weight - 2kg.
Das ist ein KIT also ich kann das Hinterteil sehr leich bauen. Außerdem kann man HR und SR mit pull-pull machen. Der schwer punkt soll also kein Problem sein - hoffe ich ;)

Ich habe nur Zweifel ob 8s ausreichend ist. Hat jemand A60-18M mit 8s benutzt?
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