Lost Jetcat P-80 Jetpower Bad Neuennahr!

An alle die die Jetpower besucht haben,

Ich lese gerade im Englischen nachbarn forum das ein kollege aus India sein P-80 verloren ist.
Ich dachte poste es mal hier,..... vielleicht hat er gluck?

Grusse, Henk Visser


would like to report that I have lost an old JetCAT P80 engine bearing serial number 1019, on september 14 en route to the jet power fair in Germany.

The engine fell out of my car in a freak incident between 9.45 and 10.15 am when I was driving from my hotel in Bad Neuenahr to the air field for the jet power event. Along with the engine my briefcase also fell out from the car. My briefcase however was picked up by a kind gentleman who was one of the vendors at the fair. He managed to locate me at the fair and returned the briefcase. Unfortunately the engine along with its accessories has not been returned yet. I am assuming these items fell out on the last stretch of the drive which is a winding road. People familiar with the place will know which part I am referring to.

I accidentally forgot to shut/secure the hatch on my VW Sharan and it was apparently only just "put down" rather than being snap locked. Totally an error on my part.

If anyone has found this old beat up engine kindly contact me. It was being carried to jet power to be returned to jetcat for repair.

Thank you in advance

Anurag Saraf
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