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Sorry my German is poor so I'll write this in English:

I have sent two emails, one 2 weeks ago the other 1,5 weeks ago - no reply.
I ordered a Picolario Talk a week ago online, got confirmation email back. As of today no charge have been made to my credit card.

Tried today to call but no reply.

Was passiert? Anybody know?

Haldor Lønningdal


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thommy said to me, for one week (4.6.04)
"i was not at home"

oh my english ;)

ich nehme an das er die tage im urlaub ist.
so 1 woche, wie ich raus hörte.
habe auch was bestellt.

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hi Haldor,

i orderd 2 picolario for myself one week ago by phone in the call tommy explains me that he´s going to the hahnenmoos for the rc network meeting AND that he´s waiting for a new delivery bevor he can send me my order.

so don´t worry i´m shure he will answer when he´s back.



ps:sorry for bad englisch


Danke fur Ihre hilfe!

Urlaub - ok das geht ;) Not a bad place to spend ones vacations either :)

Waiting is no problem when I know whats going on ;)



I'm starting to become impatient :(

5 emails over a period of 2 months, and an active order since the 2nd of june - no replies. Called twice and no replies.

VISA charged 7/7-2004, nothing recieved.
A fellow clubmember ordered the same thing two weeks before me and he recieved his last week.

So either mine hasnt shipped yet or its delayed in transit. Since Thommy never replied to any of my emails I dont if it shipped or not. If I knew it was shipped atleast my frustration would be towards the postal service only....

And the season is here in full... :(

On the other hand I recieved a package from Axels Scale Pilots last week, time in transit less than a week...


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Thommy is at the Flying Circus (Fiss) until Wednesday this week.

I have sent a mail on Saturday and i got this answer automatically.




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Hello Haldor,
as far as I remeber your order was sent 2 weeks ago, but to find out what has happened to your order, I have to be in office.
On wednesday morning I will be back in office.
I will keep you informed what has happened.
Please take also a look in your emailaccount.


Lars - I also got the Out of Office reply but there have been plenty of time to reply to my emails prior to that. A quick notice saying it has shipped would be a real help.

Since my VISA have been charged correctly I can assume it has shipped and that the package is delayed in transit, but I cant know for sure untill Thommy replies (which he just did) telling me is has shipped (Wont know untill wednesday).

Since Thommy believe he had shipped out all orders prior to Fizz and that my VISA has been charged I believe the package is somehow delayed in transit.

Thanks for the email Thommy, looking forward to an update on wednesday. If the package arrives in the meantime I'll post that here and to you Thommy.




Local Post office never sent me the pickup notice so i never knew it had arrived. The postal service tracked it down for me and I could finally pick it up.

Works great ;)

Thank you Thommy for assisting me and providing us this product. Next time I order I hope you'll notify me with a quick email that it has shipped + tracking number? That info is very valuable and its easy to supply :)

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